• 英文qq分组短一点的 After ten year [ 十年后 ] I still memorize you [ 你我还是故人 ] No matter how many year [ 不管多少年 ] Until forever~ 故城荒凉 Gucheng a desolatio 旧巷无人 The old lane unmanned 你拥佳人 You hold the ... 5801人喜欢     日期:2015-03-29     类别:英文分组
  • 2015qq英文分组大全 伤口不见好、 The wound is not 印痕不会掉、 Prints can\\\'t off 岁月不曾老、 Time never old 你是否还好、 Are you okay One day, You came to my own world, you smiled, so nice. But I afraid, you\'ll go aw... 2296人喜欢     日期:2015-03-29     类别:英文分组
  • 只有一句话的qq分组英文版 Go back in time 回到以前 The sky is still blue 天空还是蓝的 The stars still liight 星星还是亮的 Are you still mine 你还是我的 You are my most adventure youth dream . 你是我年少时 最冒险的梦. To iro [... 2279人喜欢     日期:2015-03-05     类别:英文分组
  • 一句话的个性分组 One day I will die, 【 有一天我会死 】 But what is that. 【 但那又怎样 】 如果你注定要离去 If you were to leave 你怎么会给我希望 How do you give me hope 深海有光. [ abysmal sea ] 森浓有荒. [ Dense for... 2559人喜欢     日期:2015-03-05     类别:英文分组
  • 简洁纯英文网名带翻译 - [Fireworks swamp.] [The city lights] [Take half a song.] [Looking back at first.] Empty one hollow [空人空心] Cold cold heart [凉人凉心] No not intentional [无人无心] Abandon people abandoned [弃人... 3410人喜欢     日期:2015-02-01     类别:英文分组
  • qq分组英文青春励志 我没事 【I am find】 只是假装强势 【Just pretend to be strong】 - 『你深知他是梦』 You know he is a dream 『你深知他是命』 You know he is life 『你深知不能碰』 You know that can not touch 『却还深陷其... 2789人喜欢     日期:2015-02-01     类别:英文分组
  • 纯英文qq分组 励志 Will you still love me when I\'m no longer young and beautiful Will you still love me when I got nothing but my aching soul I know you will, I know you will I know that you will Will you still love me... 473人喜欢     日期:2015-02-01     类别:英文分组
  • qq英文分组带翻译15组 Once ulion a time 很久很久之前 I was in your sights 我就在你眼前 When I fell hard 当我深陷爱河 You took a steli back 而你离我而去 「谢谢你的离开」 Thank you for leaving 「让我学会坚强」 Let me learn t... 910人喜欢     日期:2015-01-20     类别:英文分组
  • 纯英文个性qq分组 Ten years summer [十年盛夏. ] I keep you worry-free [还我守你无忧. ] - 青梅枯萎 Greengage wither - 竹马老去 Hobbyhorse old - 从此 From now o 我爱上的人都像你 I love people like you Like the sun shinin... 657人喜欢     日期:2015-01-20     类别:英文分组
  • 全英文分组大全 深海有光. [ abysmal sea ] 森浓有荒. [ Dense forest ] 天蓝云朗. [ Sky blue ] 旧时彷徨. [ Old time ] In your side Never leave 在你身边 不曾离开. Like the sun shining 像太阳那样耀眼! Like the star 像星星... 723人喜欢     日期:2015-01-20     类别:英文分组
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